Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 remote working page. This is where you will find work and activities for your child to complete while school is closed.

Work for week of 1st June

Timetable - home learning

Tuesday Maths worksheet

Tuesday Maths worksheet answers

Tuesday punctuating direct speech

Tuesday Writing activity

Tuesday Writing activity answers

Wednesday Maths worksheet

Wednesday Maths worksheet answers

Thursday Maths Worksheet

Thursday Maths Worksheet answers

Friday Maths Worksheet

Friday Maths Worksheet answers

Writing tasks

Instructions for White Rose Website

Summer Spelling Lists

Work for week of 18th May

Home learning overview

Timetable- home learning

Monday- comprehension




Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - Writing


Spelling lists

Instructions for White Rose Website

Half Term- science

Work for week of 11th May

Home learning overview 

Timetable - home learning

Tuesday - maths worksheet

 Tuesday - science Worksheet

 Tuesday - 75th Anniversary VE Day-reading-comprehension

Wednesday - Captain Tom Moore

Wednesday - maths worksheet

Thursday- science- Dissolving and Seperating

Thursday- maths worksheet

Friday- science- reversible and irreversible changes

Friday - maths worksheet

Friday - creative writing

Science knowledge organiser-properties and changes of materials

Instructions for White Rose Website


Work for week of 4th May

Home learning overview

Timetable - home learning

Monday - science balloon experiment

Monday - rainforest reading 

Monday - maths sheet 

Tuesday - worksheet

Tuesday - reading Brazil 

Tuesday- Brazil Q + A 

Tuesday - Brazil mark scheme 

Tuesday - science history of bread 

Wednesday - identifying features of a non-chronological text 

Wednesday - genre features example 

Wednesday - maths worksheet 

Thursday - maths worksheet 

Friday - word mat

Friday - maths 

Year 5 Summer 1 spellings 

White Rose Maths 


Work for week of 27th April

Home learning overview 

Timetable for home learning 

Instructions for using White Rose Maths website 

Monday - Anne Frank comprehension 

Tuesday diary writing 

Wednesday diary writing 

Features of a diary 

Wednesday and Friday introduction to baking 

Thursday-Friday diary writing 

Diary writing teacher example 



Work for week of 20th April 

Home Learning overview

Home Learning task sheet

Spellings list

English task sheet 

Reading comprehension - Space Explorer 

Reading comprehension - The Sun 

Instructions for using White Rose Maths website 


Year 5 Learning at Home pack for 4 weeks from Monday 23rd March to Friday 17th April  

General resources to support learning 

Parents' guide to the curriculum for all Year groups 

Year 5 Learning at Home tracker 

Multiplication Square 

200 High Frequency words 

Spellings part 1

Spellings part 2