Class Dojo

At Paxton Academy, we use Class Dojo as a tool for behaviour management, sharing learning experiences, awarding certificates and communicating with parents.

Each child has their own 'Dojo' character and can earn green Dojos for 'positive' behaviours and red Dojos in areas where they 'need work'. Our positive behaviours come directly from the Olympic Values. Parents are notified when their child has been awarded a green Dojo during the school day via the app. This way, parents can be kept up-to-date with the positive behaviours of their children while they are at school.

Teachers and teaching assistants post pictures and videos to the 'Class Story' and 'School Story' which can be viewed and 'liked' by all parents and staff members. This is a great way for parents to see what their children have been up to during the school day. Our 'Stories' are great to show to close family and friends.

Every term, the children are awarded certificates depending on the number of green Dojos they have received during the course of the term. The award system is as follows:

0-33 Green Dojos = Bronze certificate
34-66 Green Dojos = Silver certificate
67-100 Green Dojos = Gold certificate