May 28, 2022

Project 4 Youth Empowerment (P4YE)

At Paxton, we pride ourselves on building relationships which empower our children and support our families.  Project 4 Youth Empowerment (P4YE) is a South London-based organisation started by four friends to support young people, families and the community to create opportunities and build brighter futures.

During the Summer term 2, Paxton will welcome P4YE. As an organisation, P4YE understand the challenges that schools face and provide additional layers of support during lessons and throughout the school day.

Through working in partnership with staff and building positive relationships with children, P4YE will add to the conducive environment in which children flourish.

P4YE will also run an After School Club on Tuesdays where they will provide a safe space for children in Years 5 and 6, to explore relevant topics, discuss their thoughts, make positive decisions and help prepare them for the next stage in their transition to secondary school.


To find out more, on Thursday 9th June at 3:30pm P4YE will host a Parent Workshop. Everyone is welcome.