Our specialisms


The unique blend of sports and science  enables pupils to explore and understand the science of movement. With the use of sensors, children  measure and understand changes that occur in the body when moving, recovering and resting. This knowledge and understanding will develop as children mature and progress into key stage 2 enabling individuals to learn about heart rates, pulses and the way they feel about learning and their general well-being following a period of exercise.

Paxton are involved in leading action research with an academic researcher from Bedfordshire University and an organisation called Fit2Learn to promote a clearer understanding of  the link between children's physical development and their cognitive development. We intend to publish the findings of this longitudinal study in order to benefit the wider community and potentially impact government policy.

Paxton Academy aims to establish partnerships with a number of local and national sporting bodies and organisations in order to enhance our provision.

PE/Sports takes place every day with two lessons per week taught by highly specialist coaches who all have sports/ science degrees.


At the point of entry in Reception, pupils learn about the world in which we live via the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, the National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum. Pupils are  encouraged to formulate their own questions and hypotheses, solve real- life problems and begin to understand how to make informed choices when selecting or purchasing products such as food.

There is a focus on scientific vocabulary and early scientific concepts. The science curriculum embraces aspects of biology, physics and chemistry and is taught by a specialist teacher. Our long term vision is for our pupils to develop a passion and aptitude for science that will continue to flourish as they move into secondary school and beyond. Children are taught from our specialist science teacher from Reception.